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Industrial Chemical Company (JA). Limited, (ICC) is a Jamaican owned manufacturing company which was founded by the late Bartley Ewart a stalwart and believer in the manufacturing process.

Early Years

Industrial Chemical Company (ICC) started operations in 1960 as a manufacturer of Sulphuric Acid which was an important raw material in the budding bauxite mining operation in Jamaica and other Caribbean islands at the time.

In 1964 ICC pioneered a process for manufacturing Aluminium Sulphate by reacting Sulphuric Acid with Aluminium Trihydrate. Aluminium Sulphate or Alum as it is popularly called is used in the treatment of potable water. Today, the National Water Commission is our largest customer for Alum, as it is used in water treatment facilities across the island of Jamaica. Alum is also exported to Caribbean islands and some Central American Countries.

ICC is the sole manufacturer of salt in Jamaica and has done so since 1969 when the salt plant was first commissioned. Freeflo since then has become the salt brand of choice for most Jamaican households owning approximately 88% of the table salt market share. The company also manufactures other grades of salt inclusive of Brine- used to pickle protein, Bakers- used in the baking industry and in the manufacturing of fertilizers, Solar salt – used in the manufacturing process of animal fertilizers as well as in the water treatment process.

In 1984 a national progamme of salt fluoridation was spearheaded by ICC in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization ( PAHO) and the Ministry of Health Dental Unit. This programme introduced fluoride to the Freeflo brand. The result of this introduction, as reported in the Community Dental and Oral Epidemiology – Salt Fluoridation and Dental Caries in Jamaica (Warphea, 2001) indicated significant improvements in the mean Decaying, Missing and Filled.

The study stated that “the changes in caries in school children 1984 and 1995 may be a result of a combination of factors. The likeliest factor, however is the fluoridation of salt.” (Warphea, 2001)

Who We are

We are proud to be the sole manufacturers of all grades of salt in Jamaica for over forty five years. We have played an important role in the manufacturing and export sectors and have taken Brand Jamaica into the wider Caribbean and Central America with our brands of salt.

Our industrial grades of salt has provided salt for several industries in Jamaica including the baking, food manufacturing, fertilizer and spice industries.

sea salt Supplier

Freeflo Iodized and Fluoridated salt remains the salt brand of choice for Jamaican consumers and is used heavily by the Jamaican Food Manufacturing sectors in our processed meats and spices.

As markets became more discerning and educated, there has been an increasing demand for “Pure Sea Salt” as the market’s perception is that this type of salt is healthier. In 2005, ICC introduced its Ocean’s Natural Sea Salt to meet the rising consumer demand.

ICC’s business model uses selective distribution i.e. having few intermediaries (distributors) place product in the market.


Aluminium Sulphate (Alum) remains an important component of our product mix and is still used by the National Water Commission in Jamaica in the treatment of potable water. Alum is also exported to the following markets:


Sulphuric Acid is still sold by ICC to many markets that buy this product.

ICC the salt people and more is a Jamaican company that employs over 100 persons and is committed to building Jamaica.